You never know when unexpected expenses might hit your household.  One moment you can be on top of your bills and the next in the red with your bank account because of a surprise bill coming due.

Rather than owe overdraft fees to the bank or use up all of your savings, you may want a more practical way to get the money you need to cover these expenses.  You may get enough cash to cover you and then some with a cash advance, Texas car title loan, or unsecured financing from a bank.

The Challenge of Bank Loans

The economic crisis of the turn of the century put every mainstream bank in the country on edge.  They lost billions of dollars in defaulted loans.  Even with the government bail out and subsidies, traditional lenders today are more likely to say no than yes to people who come to them to seek out financing.

Those who do apply for loans often have to go through unprecedented hurdles that put them on the spot and even make them feel unworthy of approval.  When you want to spare yourself the trial of getting a bank loan, you may decide to use a liquid asset that you already have at your disposal.

A car or truck that as a clear title can be your answer to getting funds to cover unexpected bills.  Using it as collateral could mean that you get approved for a loan that is secured with your vehicle.  You get close to if not the actual full value of the car or truck even if you do not have the best of credit.

You also do not have to surrender the vehicle to the lender as long as you make the payments on time.  You can continue to drive it as normal and avoid worrying about it being repossessed while you pay off the loan to the lender.

If you fear that the lender is not answerable to any kind of governing authority, you might put your worries to rest by realizing that the state of Texas closely regulates this industry.  You are protected as a consumer by both the lender and the overseeing governing board.

Surprise bills can jeopardize your savings.  You can avoid defaults and collections by using liquid assets in your possession to secure a loan and get the money you need today.