World FinanceAn MBA in finance may be the ideal degree to get for an individual interested in investing, banking, genuine estate, or becoming a private financial planner. Ana Palacio, the Common Counsel, terminated my employment in the World Bank’s Legal Division on July 31, 2007 soon after sabotaging my transfer to the External Affairs Department, exactly where I was to establish a international partnership involving the American Bar Association, the International Legal Assistance Consortium, the UNDP, the State Division, and the Center for International Legal Cooperation.

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A lifetime like that can backfire and give rise to the jaded ex-activist who has given up and ‘become realistic’, taking glee in an practically deliberate watering down and rejection of their original position, scoffing at the futile attempts of naïve campaigners to modify the real world.

Mitt Romney appointed Robert Zoellick, the former President of the Planet Bank, as his national security transition preparing chief In the final debate for the US presidency, Bob Schieffer did not ask Mitt Romney or Barack Obama what they intend to do to fight international corruption.