Jim Blaine On Credit Unions

Credit UnionScott Credit Union (Edwardsville, IL) has entered into a 3 year sponsorship agreement with the St. Louis Cardinals. They were really understanding, and they erased all sorts of overdraft charges that accrued simply because of what that SOB Card Service International did to me. Of course they get socked with interest rates on investment goods just like everybody, but they are unlikely to pull a Maddoff with our money, not with the amount of member oversight that they get.

You will note from the CUToday write-up (see above for hyperlink) that Ms. Tolstedt is organizing on retiring at the finish of the year and will leave the bank with $124.five million in stock choices and restricted Wells Fargo shares, plus her annual salary of roughly $9 million.

I know that is a lot to take in, but fundamentally, when you use the credit alternative of your verify card (Visa or MasterCard), all that is taking place is a tiny man is operating from exactly where you are, to your bank, and then operating back to where you are to inform the cashier that you have money in your account and that it is protected to give you the goods.

As extended as the price of inflation is higher than the bank rate there is no cause to preserve your funds in a bank, unless of coarse you like the fact that banks are making use of your money, free of charge, to make cash for themselves although you lose income.

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