Credit UnionThe following table states the name of the credit union, the estimated loss to the NCUSIF, and causes for the failure. Shortly right after publishing this Hub I noticed that the Credit Union exactly where I also have an account, put up signs at every teller window warning people about this scam and, four years later, those signs are nevertheless up, which tells me that this type of scam is nevertheless going on and should be lucrative for the scammers.

I also had to go and file affidavits with the bank to alter the quantity on their accounts from Tax ID to Social Safety (and my daughter had to accompany me simply because, getting over 18, she was an adult and I was not permitted to invade her privacy – the bank’s rule, not hers).

Credit unions should make adequate surplus to cover expenditures, otherwise, like any other company, they can’t continue, in which case they can turn out to be insolvent and cease to exist the impact on those with funds deposited varies among jurisdictions.

The U.S. Postal Service and FBI as properly a Canadian federal authorities had jurisdiction but it requires time from regional complaints to filter up to them and given the quick time that the crooks keep in one location this doesn’t leave much time to try to track them down.

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